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Welcome to the download page for the "Brainstorming Toolbox" 30-day free trial

brainstorming toolbox icon Use this page to download a free trial version of Brainstorming Toolbox. This contains the complete, fully working program which will help you discover new ideas and solutions. It works for 30 days after which you will need to purchase a licence. Price of Brainstorming Toolbox licence: 24.99 UK (approx $50 US, or the nearest equivalent price in local currency)
Note that training on the techniques is available for free on this website so we have not included with the downloaded software to conserve download time. Click here to get a copy of this website.

Minimum specification: Window XP/98/2000/NT, 486, 16Mb RAM, 10 Mb disk space, 65536 colours.

If you have any problems downloading or installing this software please email us at .

Installation instructions:

1. Open, or save then run, the following installation file by clicking below (If this download link is not working, try downloading and running the file with this link instead.)

Total size: 5 MB

2. Run Brainstorming Toolbox in the same way that you would run any other program; Press the START button, select PROGRAMS, select the Brainstorming Toolbox folder and then run the 'Brainstorming Toolbox' icon.

You should have four icons:

  1. Brainstorming Toolbox - This is the full version which contains all of the interactive brainstorming techniques and tools.
  2. Help for Brainstorming Toolbox - Help file and tutorial file, explains how to use the program and how to order it. This links through to this website for training on brainstorming.
  3. Read Me - This file contains additional and up-to-date information about Brainstorming Toolbox. Please read it.
  4. Order Form - When you want to order then either use this file or click here to see our purchasing webpage. We accept credit and debit cards securely online or via telephone.
This version will work for 30 days after which you must purchase it to continue using it. When you purchase it, we will send you the password which will allow this version of Brainstorming Toolbox to continue working forever.

©1997-2021 Infinite Innovations Ltd. All rights reserved

Brainstorming Toolbox and the Infinite Innovations logo are the trademarks of Infinite Innovations Ltd.