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Computer-aided brainstorming software

Brainstorming software will provide you with a practically infinite amount of stimuli. In fact, you could have a different stimulus every minute of every day for a whole year. And the next year too!

Brainstorming software also allows you to work by yourself, without the need for stimuli from other people.

Our software contains a large number of fully operational techniques which you can use in your brainstorming sessions. Just install it on a PC or laptop and away you go. Start the session with one stimulus and keep it going by instantly getting another at the press of a button.

You can also record all your ideas on the computer for easy and quick analysis and action. Never lose your ideas at any stage. You can then print out or email all of your ideas later.

If you have a projector or an extra monitor you can display the computer screen to all the participants or you can keep the stimuli to yourself. Or you could even let everyone in the room run the computer software individually, thus experiencing a frenzy of original ideas as the diverse range of stimuli interact in unexpected ways.

All you need to for practically infinite availability and variety of stimulus is a computer capable of running Microsoft Windows®. This is currently about 90 per cent of internet users.

Click here to read more information about and see screen shots of our Brainstorming Toolbox software

Download and try our brainstorming software for FREE

To download our brainstorming software and try it out for free for 30 days click here for download instructions.

Never be stuck for a new idea with software from Infinite Innovations Ltd.

If you want, you can even try a much-simplified online version of our software by clicking here for a quick go.

If you insist on using manual techniques then the next stage of this training course will show you how you can do that. It is still possible to do most of the things you can do with a computer but it just takes longer, is more frustrating and can interrupt the flow of your session.

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Excel Consultant Consultancy spreadsheet help and training